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Fool's Gold is an Epic Fantasy Trilogy written by the pseudonymous Jude Fisher. I believe she's an sf editor of some repute, though I haven't bothered to track down who. Perhaps I should not review a book by an editor, but here we go.

The first book in Fool's Gold is Sorcery Rising. What fun! Interesting characters, a neat world, a neat plot. Nordic echoes, rather than Celtic. A tough and bitchy and capable heroine. I was hooked.

In Wild Magic, the sequel, we also have an interesting book. No mid-series drag, interesting new places, neato stuff happening.

Then we get to The Rose of the World, the finale. It sucked.

The characters -- all of them -- go over the top into Too Stupid to Live land, all in their own special ways. While before some of them made bad decisions -- really bad decisions -- like normal people, now they're all just being idiots. Characters I liked in the first two book became completely unsympathetic in the last, because they deserved every fucking thing they got. I finished the book with a profound sense of distaste. The deus-ex-machina ending (literally) might have fixed things, but didn't redeem any of the characters.

If Jude Fisher writes any more of her own books, I'll certainly look them up. But if it's the first book in a trilogy, I'll wait for the reviews of the last book to come out before I start.


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