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I really liked Warprize, despite the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too ending. The ending annoyed me, but it didn't happen until, well, the end.

Alas, the Big Misunderstanding that Soothes all Non-Politically-Correct feelings is now part of the background for the second book. And, well, it's boring. The heroine is dumb, and tells really stupid lies (no, look! we only have to spend a day or so checking out this plague-ridden village! oh, wait, there's a quarantine period!). She blames herself for the stuff that isn't her fault, but doesn't take responsibility for the stuff that is. She doesn't seem to be a very competent healer. A healer who has no idea what to do about convulsions, and therefore thinks it's ok to grant the convulsing person "mercy" within a few minutes of their start, is a fucking moron (I'm not annoyed at this aspect of the Plains culture so much as her helpless self-justifying incompetence). Many convulsions are harmless, and they're common enough that a so-called "Master Healer" shouldn't be reduced to blithering idiocy at the sight. If I was supposed to figure out what the plague really was in this world, and therefore know that the convulsions were fatal or worse, then, well, I didn't; and that doesn't matter, because the heroine didn't know either.

The sketchy culture of the Plains people in the first book wasn't as much of a problem; now that she lives in the middle of an army camp, it does, and their culture doesn't make sense. They don't have any illness at all besides the occasional cold? (Oooh, the good hygiene on the plains!) They have True and Pure marriages so that if one partner dies, the other must commit suicide ASAP because they can't live without their partner -- suttee, anyone?

The hero was an interesting character in the first book, in part due to the Big Mis. Now that he's been established as a Sensitive New Age Barbarian, he's boring.

All that said, I did manage to finish it. I was skimming rather than reading, but it held my attention that much.
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